Michael David Hemstreet


Social Media Graduate Assistant

Helps promote the Interactive Media program through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Captures the excitement, intensity, and effort the current iMedia class exudes

Engages with current and prospective students, alumni, and professionals in the interactive media community


Uses company equipment to capture high quality photographs at graduation events and ceremonies

Demonstrates strong knowledge of DSLR camera equipment and lighting techniques to create high quality portraits

Exhibits professionalism and good customer service when photographing and interacting with graduates and their families

Freelance Photographer

Photographs concerts, live entertainment shows, corporate events, and headshots

Acts as a secondary House Photographer for the Durham Performing Arts Center

Delivers professional grade photographs and high quality edits that align with specific needs for each client

Project Manager

Served as project manager for a graduate student-led storytelling project in Matanzas, Cuba

Directed and assisted all aspects of video production, graphic design, web development, and photography

Oversaw and delegated day-to-day tasks to ensure the project aligns with the client's needs and is completed on time