Michael David Hemstreet


SEO Specialist

Executes on-site and off-site SEO tactics for clients to increase search visibility, visits, leads, and conversions

Optimizes on-page content using best user experience practices

Demonstrates ability to empathize with searchers in order to produce a user-friendly on-page experience

Works collaboratively with design team and web development team to implement on-page elements that increase search traffic and improve user experience.

Social Media Graduate Assistant

Designs content catered to specific platforms with careful attention to typography, layout, and iconography

Establishes and maintains a consistent visual style and voice when creating content and engaging with audiences

Synthesizes analytics to determine what content generates the most engagement


Effectively works and communicates with team members in a fast-paced creative environment

Demonstrates strong knowledge of DSLR camera equipment and lighting techniques to create high quality portraits

Exhibits professionalism and good customer service when photographing and interacting with graduates and their families

Project Manager

Served as project manager for a graduate student-led storytelling project in Matanzas, Cuba

Facilitated ideation excercises such as card sorting, wireframing, and prototyping

Oversaw experience design process, video production, and photography in an agile work environment