Locally Sourced | The Oak House

Locally Sourced is an interactive microsite designed to promote local and regional businesses in the coffee industry. Through videography, graphic design, and scrolling animations, Locally Sourced informs the customer about the coffee making process and highlights how a local coffee shop sources its ingredients. The inspiration for this project came from my years of experience in the coffee industry working in local coffee shops.

This project was created to fulfill the Capstone Project requirement for Elon University’s MA in Interactive Media program. The Capstone is designed to culminate the skills learned through the program and apply them to a fully functional interactive project. 

The Oak House is a local coffee shop in the heart of downtown Elon, and is a favorite spot among students, faculty, and members of the community. This project also features other small businesses in the area – Joe Van Gogh Coffee Roasters and Homeland Creamery.

Project Manager | "Arte de la Finca"

Through Elon University’s Interactive Media Masters Program, I had the opportunity to travel to abroad for a class called “iMedia Fly-In: Interactive Project for the Public Good”. In October of 2019, my cohort was divided into 4 teams that were given the task to create unique interactive projects for different organizations based in Cuba, Costa Rica, and Bermuda.

My team’s assignment was to travel to the Matanzas Province of Cuba and create an interactive microsite for a farm called “La Finca Coincidencia”. This farm is a place where sustainable farming practices and ceramic art seamlessly coexist. The farm was founded by a man named Héctor Correa, and he lives there with his wife, Odalys, and his three sons. It is Héctor and his family’s profound belief that all of mankind should be mindful of nature and share what the have with others in order to spread joy, love, and happiness. It was our pleasure to travel to Cuba to help Héctor spread his message and tell his story through engaging digital content.

Usability Test | Canva

Canva is a web based graphic design tool designed for both amateur and professional designers to create digital and print designs and graphics. The program provides access to photographs, vector graphics, and fonts, and allows the user to create designs from scratch or with a template. Canva is free to use, however there is an option to subscribe to a pro account for a monthly fee. For the purposes of this test, users created designs with a free account.

The purpose of this test was to compare the usability of Canva’s two interfaces – web and mobile. The goals of this usability test were to:

  1. Compare the usability of the Desktop vs. Mobile Interface
  2. Compare perspective of usability for designers vs. non-designers
  3. Determine the ease of use for posting to Facebook

100 second Story | Adoption PSA

The idea behind this project is to create a compelling and powerful story in 100 seconds. With such a short window, it can be difficult to set up the plot, character, and conflict that make up a good story.

The inspiration behind telling this story was from my personal experience with rescuing my own dog. Pet abandonment and overcrowding of shelters is an ongoing problem in this country, and it is something that I care about deeply. As a result, I found this to be a very difficult story to tell.

Despite its brevity and simplicity, this story showcases powerful motivators that are universal to all stories. Issues of safety, family, and moral outrage help create conflict and drama.

International Collegiate Programming Competition:
Marketing Analysis and Report

After carefully analyzing the ICPC News website and social media accounts, this document highlights my findings and recommendations for improving the organization’s digital presence and reputation. The recommendations I provide are in accordance with the organization’s goals of highlighting competing teams, staff members, and sponsors. The report includes changes that the organization can implement to improve their social media content, social media engagement,  and search engine ranking.